ERC Starting Grant for PD Dr. Benoit Merle!

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We could not find any entry with the given search term 281. receives 1.76 million euros from the European Research Council for his research on nanoindentation at high deformation rates.

His NanoHighSpeed project aims at gaining a fundamental understanding of the failure of materials at high strain rates down to their smallest microstructural elements. This knowledge is pivotal for developing the impact resistant nanomaterials and coatings that are required for engineering safe and durable products.

The project will focus on some of the technologically most important coatings that are frequently subjected to accidental collisions and impacts, including toughened glass used in mobile phone screens and hard coatings commonly used in tooling. It will yield a better understanding and predictability of sudden failures and open up new strategies for improving the safety and durability of future materials.

This award witnesses the scientific excellence of our institute. Next to Profs. Bitzek and Felfer, Dr. Merle is the third ERC grantee in the history of our lab. A breathtaking and almost unique achievement !

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